Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok Ranking the Best Hotel Breakfasts around the World

Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok has achieved one of the highest rankings in ‘The Best Hotel Breakfasts around the World’ by, according to data from TripAdvisor. We are delighted, because if thousands of people recommend your breakfasts, you can be sure that you are doing something exceptionally well.

It is sometimes said that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and we make sure that our guests have the best possible start to their day when selecting from the extensive Breakfast Buffet at our River Barge Restaurant. Variety is so important because we cater for travellers from around the globe, serving a truly international clientele. Thai and Asian breakfasts are particularly popular with foreign guests wanting a change by sampling local cuisines. Even if guests prefer something familiar they expect it to be prepared to perfection. There seems to be a dozen ways of cooking an egg, and sometimes someone will ask for a variation that we’ve never imagined, but our egg station will always cook eggs just as you like them.

Our breakfasts really have to be ‘World Breakfasts’, as over the year, the whole world walks through our doors! Don’t forget to book breakfast on your next visit to Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok; we think it will surely be your best meal of the day!

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