10 Reasons to Visit Niseko During the Summer Season

The wonderful town of Niseko is loved by all for many reasons and is especially well-known for its fantastic powdery snow during Winter. There is far more to this beautiful area than just snow; it is just as magical a place to visit during Summer too. Once the snow has all melted away, Niseko reveals a naturally lush green landscape with magnificent scenery, delicious food, plus a whole host of exciting outdoor activities for all the family to enjoy.

That’s why Chatrium Niseko has come up with a list of ten amazing things to do on your next Summer adventure.

Explore on bicycle

Mountain biking and road cycling are much-loved activities in Niseko and the great roads with striking views are a paradise for those who love two-wheeled adventure. When the snow of Winter melts from the Ski runs, perfect mountain biking tracks are left for those with a sense of adventure.

There’s also the new biking sensation to try as well – ‘pump-track cycling’. Pump-track cycling takes place on unique courses, having participants ‘pump’ their bike around the fun course without pedaling at all. It’s a challenging activity that is really taking off.


There are lots of superb places around Niseko to go kayaking, including the remarkable Shirabetsu River or the Oshoro Bay of Otaru. Kayaking is fun for all the family and there’s no better way to see Hokkaido’s magnificent natural beauty.

For an extra-special activity, you simply must try sea kayaking in the nearby Shaoktan Peninsula, World famous for the amazing water colour ‘Shakotan blue’, which has to be seen to be believed.


If you fancy jumping off waterfalls, swimming through clear mountain water and hurtling down whitewater rapids, then canyoning is the activity you should sign up for. It’s a thrilling experience and you’ll also get to see some of the best scenery in Hokkaido. Tour operators run canyoning trips to lots of top locations near Niseko, including the charming Sakazuki river, which is surrounded by beautiful trees and pretty wildflowers.

See a different side of Hokkaido 

Hokkaido is Japan’s largest island, with its own biodiversity along with the geothermal activity you can see in its natural hot springs and rocky volcanoes. Summer really is the perfect time to visit the area and take in its natural splendor.

One thing you shouldn’t miss are the ‘Lavender Farms of Furano‘ with their incredible purple hues. You can take some great snaps as you enjoy the gorgeous aroma of lavender. Just as amazing is the ‘Blue Pond of Biei,’ drawing tourists with its intense shades which change with every season. 

Indulge in fresh-tasting produce 

A visit to Niseko simply must include sampling the exceptional cuisine of the district. It’s located in a renowned farming area and has amazing produce from both the land and sea. The towns of Yoichi and Niki are known for their high-quality produce, such as juicy cherries and with locals and visitors enjoying this fresh bounty during the Summer months.

Niseko is also known for one of the world’s best potatoes. The festival ‘Kutchan Jaga Matsuri’ celebrates these potatoes and a special grilled meal with Lamb and a wide variety of fresh seasonal vegetables to be enjoyed during summertime. This meal can be prepared both indoors or outdoors and is best enjoyed with either a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer.

Participate in fascinating summer festivals

Along with the annual Kutchan Jaga Matsuri (Potato Festival), Niseko’s Summer is full of activities that everyone can join in and enjoy. The “Niko Festival” is held annually at Niseko Village, featuring local delicacies that tourists adore while enjoying an astounding firework display and exciting live music performances. For sports fans, the “Niseko Marathon Festival” and the “Hanazono Hill Climb” are inspiring events that will test your body and endurance capabilities. For those who prefer something more sedate, the “Niseko Star Fres” is the town’s yearly astronomy and star-gazing event.

Embrace the beauty of Niseko’s “Green Season”

Niseko’s “Green Season” is one of the best in Asia, as the snow gives way to luxuriant greens and the landscape magically changes. This season is ideal for exploring outdoors and hiking in Niseko’s glorious national parks is a pure joy. Fukidashi Park is where you will find Niseko’s largest spring and everybody loves the cool and refreshing taste of the spring water found here. Mt. Yotei is the place to go if you are seeking testing trails for hiking and trekking. The hard climb is most certainly worth the effort, as the vistas from the top are awe-inspiring.

Enjoy Niseko’s crisp and dry weather

While many people come to Niseko to enjoy its perfect powder snow during Winter, the Summer months give visitors a different view to enjoy. The lovely weather is perfect for a leisurely cycle ride or a hike into the wilderness to take in the stunning greenery all around. The dry conditions also make it a terrific time to visit some of the most tremendous coastal towns and villages in the whole country. Shakotan, west of Sapporo, is home to three must-see Capes – Kamui, Ogon and Shakotan. The peninsula gives visitors the chance to see a multitude of fabulous panoramic views of the astonishing coast and the Sea of Japan. Shimamui, also found in Shakotan, is known for being the best place to find the freshest uni (sea urchin) during the Summer, which is a must-taste for anybody coming to Japan.

Channel your adventurous side with Niseko’s exciting summer activities

There are so many incredible things to do in Niseko to suit all tastes and Summer is ideal to try something different to your normal routine. The Shiribetsu River is regarded as one of the cleanest rivers in the world and offers the perfect spot for fishing fans, while white-water rafting is another choice for those looking for super excitement on their travels. Golfers are taken care of too, as the Niseko Village Golf Course is recognized as one of the country’s top golf courses. Whatever you choose to do, visitors will love Niseko’s Green Season with the resplendent views of Mt. Yotei as their exquisite backdrop. And after a long day of golfing, fishing, cycling, hiking or kayaking, Niseko’s onsen bath provides the ultimate respite for your tired and happy body. This traditional Japanese bathing culture is a perfect way to relax and end the day while participating in one of Japan’s unique customs.

Get the best deals on bookings

With all these marvelous things to do in Niseko in the Summer, travelers are often surprised to find out that they can get the best deals and offers at this time. As the snow recedes for the year the pricing on accommodation gets even better for the savvy visitor. Summer deals and promotions mean you can get top-value accommodation and also have more money left over to book even more fun and exciting activities during your visit. The warmer months also see smaller crowds and you can feel like you have Niseko all to yourself.

With great value, a laid-back atmosphere and plenty to experience, Niseko is so much more than a Winter wonderland – it’s a Summer paradise too.

Make your trip to Niseko even more remarkable at Chatrium Niseko, located in the very heart of Hirafu Village, just steps away from the best slopes, restaurants and bars in town. Chatrium Niseko is located at Shiki Niseko, 190-4 Aza Yamada Kutchan-Cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan. For more information please call Chatrium Niseko Japan on +81 (0)136 21 4191, or visit www.chatrium.com/chatriumniseko


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